The 7 Reasons I Love to Coach

After 20 years of workplace coaching, I’m always excited to see the seven benefits that clients get:

1. An increased ability to correctly identify and solve problems.

2. A greater sense of self-confidence.

3. Improved interactions with others.

4. Behavior change.

5. Greater self-efficacy.

6. Improved self-esteem.

7. Greater happiness and positivity.

1. Increased ability to solve problems

Often, my clients don’t know what’s causing their problem or how to solve it. If they did, they wouldn’t need my coaching. It’s sometimes difficult to identify the root cause of a problem, so I enjoy working with my clients on locating the cause. After all, identifying the wrong solution won’t solve the problem. Helping my clients resolve a problem is often a memorable experience for the client (and for me), as it helps them to see that they can, in fact, use their own resources to overcome it.

2. Improved self-confidence

I love to see my clients solve problems as it increases their self-confidence. But the entire coaching experience is a self-confidence builder as well. Focusing on your strengths and how to effectively use them, as well as building on your weaknesses, enhances self-confidence. My positive regard and constructive challenges as the coach are another source. I’m proud of how my clients learn self-reliance and problem solving, which boosts their confidence.

3. Improved interactions with others

Whether a direct goal or not, my clients work with me in constructive interaction. This behavior filters into their everyday work life. My clients learn how to more effectively interact with others through their positive and transparent interaction with me. A trust relationship is built in the coaching that transfers into the workplace.

4. Behavior change

A difficult component of coaching is changing behavior. Whether for development or correction, I teach, coach, and reinforce the clients practicing the new behaviors. I give my clients application activities (i.e. homework) to try out and practice the new behaviors in real work settings and situations. This helps them to see that they can change their behavior. This gives the clients a sense of efficacy (see #5 below), as well as increased self-confidence. Using new behaviors in the workplace improves relations and interactions with others. In some cases, the behavior change transcends the workplace and becomes life-changing. It’s awesome to see what some clients do.

5. Self-efficacy

Self-efficacy is one’s ability to produce desired results. Often, my clients don’t know the cause of their problem is or how to solve it. I hear the frustration and confusion in their words. The frustration lessens as my clients’ experience successes in solving their problems, and in changing their thinking and behavior. My clients learn that they can make changes and this increases their sense of self-efficacy. This internal “locus of control” transfers to the workplace as my clients take on new challenges and problems.

6. Self-esteem

Self-esteem is one’s sense of personal worth. When my clients struggle to solve problems they can’t resolve, their self-worth can diminish. Making progress in the coaching sessions helps my clients to experience increased self-esteem. This improvement can transfer to the workplace, in the form of improved relations with team members. Productivity may also increase as my clients feel a greater sense of worth.

7. Happiness and positivity

My clients feel greater happiness and positivity as they make gains in our coaching. Their improved self-confidence, efficacy, and esteem lead to a happy and positive outlook in the workplace. A renewed outlook can lead to improved reception by others, and transfer to situations outside of the workplace.

These are the 7 reasons I love to coach professionals in the workplace. Successful coaching gives me – as the coach - the same seven benefits my clients get. It’s a personal growth opportunity for me. My clients move forward and so do I.