Goal Achieve Jeff Fierstein Craig Rock Paradigm Technology

Craig Rock

President & CEO
Paradigm Technology

Jeff worked with Paradigm Technology as a partner and trusted advisor in developing our strategic and operational plans. Jeff worked with the Leadership team over a 12-month period to develop a 3-year strategic plan, broken down into 5 strategic goals with 19 operational (annual) objectives.

Our leaders and employees successfully completed 87% of our 19 objectives that year. This success led to the achievement of our financial and management results.

During the course of the year, Jeff facilitated the goal achievement process, teaching our leaders how to drive the plans throughout the company. He worked monthly with the Leadership team, facilitating our planning review meetings, and kept us accountable for the monthly actions and metrics we committed to. In those cases where leaders did not meet their commitments, Jeff engaged us in problem-solving discussions to get us back on track.

Objectives flowed down to individual teams and individual staff members. This gave us a total alignment between the company’s high-level goals and each staff member’s performance targets. Jeff supplemented monthly facilitation of the Leadership Team review meetings with brief management development geared to better executing on our goals and objectives.

Jeff’s planning and execution method helped Paradigm Technology to develop a culture of accountability that led to better outcomes and imparted a process for future planning.

Corporate and Commercial Photographer for Worldwide Assignments

Ann Berberich

Chief Talent Officer
Paradigm Technology

As a member of the Leadership Team at Paradigm Technology, I worked with Jeff on our company’s strategic and annual planning. As Chief Talent Officer, my responsibility was to cascade the monthly objectives to my staff, measure the results, and report the results to the Leadership Team monthly. This aligned our division’s goals with the organizations and provided our staff with concrete, measurable monthly performance targets, which increased accountability among staff. This had a significant impact on the team and our performance.

The staff was asked to make commitments to activities they could complete during the month that would help them meet their goals. Because of Jeff’s planning and execution program, our staff met 97% of our strategic objectives and increased revenue by 27% year over year.

Jeff provided excellent training and coaching to my staff – particularly managers – which helped to improve their ability to implement the program and overcome barriers that previously kept us from achieving our targets.

I found Jeff easy to work with – both at the company and division level. He is experienced, knowledgeable, and was often able to see things that we simply could not. Jeff is a true asset to our organization.

Goal Achieve Jeff Fierstein Elizabeth Reich Make a Wish Foundation Arizona

Elizabeth Reich

President and Chief Executive Officer
Make a Wish Foundation Arizona

Make A Wish Arizona engaged Jeff Fierstein to work with our senior leadership team to conduct strategic and operational planning for our organization.

In a structured and intensive team goal setting and planning process, Jeff facilitated the sessions in a way that not only helped us to see our planning strategically but allowed for constructive conflict among departments to produce the best results.

The work we did helped us to see the organization as a whole and better understand our interdependencies. Jeff developed an in-depth understanding of our organization, which contributed to our successful planning. The sessions helped build our leadership effectiveness. We incorporated our department goals into each leader’s annual performance goals.

Since that process, the organization has grown significantly in revenue generation, while working together to become more efficient and effective in achieving our mission.

Jeff’s leadership and encouragement allowed members of the leadership team to be vulnerable, resulting in honest communication and a better understanding of the role each of us plays.

The true beneficiaries of Jeff’s hard work are the additional children with life-threatening medical conditions whose wishes were granted with our newfound effectiveness.

Goal Achieve Jeff Fierstein David Richardson Take Charge America

David Richardson

Chief Executive Officer
Take Charge America

Take Charge America (TCA) engaged Jeff Fierstein to help develop a 3-year plan. At the time we engaged Jeff, TCA was generating sizable monthly losses, and our senior leadership team and Board were disappointed that several previous initiatives had not been successful.

At Jeff’s suggestion, we expanded the strategic planning team to include others, inviting our marketing manager and a key Board member, who serves as an industry consultant. Jeff also recommended that we involve other groups of employees in the process, and we solicited two separate groups of employees and supervisors/managers to volunteer to participate.

Jeff conducted customized focus group meetings with the two groups. This gave employees a voice in the process, which helped build buy-in, enthusiasm, and curiosity about the process – and outcome.

During the strategic planning process, Jeff worked with the senior leadership team to establish strategic and annual goals, incorporating feedback received from the focus groups. Under Jeff’s direction, we set measurable, actionable objectives to achieve the goals, and developed various metrics and measurements for each objective.

As the facilitator, Jeff did an excellent job of structuring, leading, and facilitating the sessions. He served as a partner and mentor for the strategic planning team, and the strategic planning process doubled as a teambuilding exercise. We found Jeff to be informative and engaging, and he encouraged all team members to participate in the discussions.

Jeff integrated management and leadership concepts and ideas into the planning process, and the process he undertook helped the senior leadership understand the importance of taking a strategic orientation to planning and goal setting. The planning and execution system was original, systematic, and well thought out, and provided greater accountability to individual leaders. The planning process and system also helped us drive our objectives throughout the organization.

Early outcomes from the strategic planning process are very encouraging. Revenues are growing, key initiatives are working, and the losses have been halved.