Problem: A valued team member isn’t meeting your expectations. You’re feeling stressed, frustrated, and at wit’s end about turning things around. You may even be considering termination.

There is an alternative.

Solution: Our proven, practical goal-based coaching system will improve performance, attitude, and behavior.

Every team member deserves a chance to succeed.

Why Is So Much Coaching Unsuccessful?

  • Professional business coaching is not “life coaching.” Rather, it focuses on practical, real-time business needs and problems.

  • Business coaching is not “therapy.” While business coaching may help with life’s issues, the outcome is improved job and team performance.

  • Too many coaching methods are “free form” and “open-ended.” That is, they are unstructured, timeless approaches. Such coaching can go on for years without significant improvements.

  • Many coaching methods don’t account for the relationship between the coachee and the manager or team. It’s simply done in isolation.

  • Without set goals for change or improvement, coaching is like a rudderless ship. Coaching must have goals to work towards and achieve.

Why Goal-Based Coaching Is So Successful

Our goal-based coaching is called Outcome-Based Coaching SolutionsTM.

  • Each coachee and manager work together to set goals for improving performance, attitude, and behavior.

  • We build in regular communication and feedback between the coach, coachee, and manager.

  • We work on the barriers to implementing the coachee’s changes

  • We train in skills such as leadership, management, communication, time management, conflict resolution, and more.

The Benefits You’ll Receive From Using Outcome-Based Coaching SolutionsTM

  • Eliminate the stress, frustration, and sense of hopelessness of having valued team member underperform

  • Have confidence that your team member is improving

  • Retain a valued employee – don’t have to hire a new unknown

  • Support in an employment law charge that steps were taken to help the team member improve

  • Improved team morale and productivity as the member improves

  • Team member achieves real measured goals vs. undefined, vague outcomes.

Outcome-Based Coaching SolutionsTM Can Help You Turn Things Around

  • Successfully coached over 500 professionals to achieve their goals

  • 30+ years’ experience in business coaching

  • Helped clients achieve up to 100% of their goals over 3 months to 3 years

  • Extensive coaching with business owners, CEOs, Executive Directors, Presidents, Vice Presidents, Directors, Managers, Supervisors, and Staff

What Previous Clients Say About Outcome-Based Coaching SolutionsTM

“I worked with Jeff Fierstein for 5 years as an HR Specialist in a national PEO. We often worked as a team in providing services to clients. I had numerous opportunities to see Jeff’s coaching work and the results that came from them. Jeff is an outstanding coach, both for people needing to improve as well as those developing for promotion. Jeff takes a very practical approach to coaching. In his approach, he has the requesting manager and subordinate talk to clarify what outcome is desired from the coaching, and then set mutually agreed-upon goals. Coaching is focused on goals, not “chit chat” which is sometimes the case in coaching. I have seen Jeff work with underperforming or “poorly behaved“ owners, executives, managers, and employees to help them make significant improvements in a short period of time. Jeff had also worked on developmental cases, where the coachee is being developed into a new position (often as a part of succession planning). Jeff’s coaching has impacted many client organizations, from seeing leadership improve to solving organization-wide behavioral problems. Jeff is an ideal coach for people at all levels. He has extensive experience coaching in both the profit and nonprofit sectors. If you want coaching that really works and accomplishes the changes you want, then Jeff is your coach.”

Keith Jennings, MBA, PHR, SHRM-CP, Vice-President of Human Resources, HCA Healthcare

“Jeff Fierstein has been my executive coach for more than a year now. Our twice-monthly sessions have been integral to my success. Sharing challenges with Jeff, I find him to be keenly insightful, seeing the root causes of issues, and giving me just the right feedback for the problem I am seeking to remedy.”

Karny Stefan, Chief Development Officer, Make-A-Wish® Arizona

“I worked with Jeff as my coach for over a year, as I transitioned from a Senior/Lead of a team to a manager role. I learned a number of critical skills and processes for becoming a better manager and leader of people, particularly people skills and having a better awareness. We worked on the stress and uncertainty that comes with a new management role. Jeff helped me to see things in a different way – one that was logical and looked at the bigger picture. Jeff takes a problem-solving approach, where we set goals (with my manager) and worked on them until they were accomplished. I developed a better sense of confidence as Jeff taught me new approaches and worked with me giving constant feedback. I was never “left out to dry” to implement new skills and processes. I developed skills in managing interpersonal conflict, team effectiveness, working more effectively with my manager, communication, and emotional intelligence. I recommend Jeff as a coach to managers and supervisors.”

Trish Stinson, Senior Corporate Recruiter, Petsmart

How Outcome-Based Coaching SolutionsTM Works

  1. A problem or need is identified to help a valued team member improve performance, attitude, or behavior

  2. Team Member and Manager discuss coaching and desired outcomes

  3. Team Member agrees to coaching

  4. Coach, Team Member, and Manager meet to set coaching goals and schedule

  5. Coach and Team Member begin coaching

  6. After each coaching session, Team Member writes a brief e-mail to Manager summarizing the session and application of learning

  7. Coach, Team Member, and Manager meet half-way through the coaching to review goals and progress.

  8. Coachee successfully achieves goals – performance, attitude, and behavior improve.

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