You May Be Using The Wrong Planning Method

GOAL ACHIEVE! helps small businesses plan, execute, and achieve their goals and results using the customized 4-Method PlanningTM

Every business deserves a tailored planning method to achieve its goals.

The Consequences of Using The Wrong Planning Method

We know how frustrating and disappointing it can be to not achieve the goals you planned to accomplish. We have helped small businesses avoid these (and other) consequences of using the wrong planning method:

1. Loss of control over your business

2. Restricted market and growth opportunities

3. Unmet goals = Unmet results

4. Continue to work IN the business, not ON it

5. Stagnant revenue

6. Poor time usage

7. No accountability

You can avoid these consequences and achieve your goals with the planning method RIGHT for your business.

What Planning Method Is Right For Your Business?

Goal ACHIEVE! has developed an easy system to make the right planning decisions for any type of business.  We call it 4-Method PlanningTM

All plans are designed to (1) jump-start the life of the new business, (2) help an established business get back on track, or (3) for those wanting to improve and move to the “next level.”

The 4 methods are:

1. The Business Plan

2. Goal Setting

3. Opportunity PlanningTM

4. Strategic Planning

Our Small Business Planning Solution:
The 4 Planning Methods

Business Planning

A Business Plan describes the overall nature of the business including background information, financial projections, and strategies. Typically, start-up businesses...

For Start-Ups; 1-2 years*

Goal Setting

Goal Setting identifies something you want to accomplish in the future for your business and involves developing a company-wide action plan to direct you toward a goal.

For Start-Ups; 1-2 years*

Opportunity PlanningTM

Opportunity PlanningTM gives you a tool to identify new opportunities in the market and new revenue streams for your business. It is beneficial in analyzing your current business...

For 3-5 years*

Strategic Planning

Strategic Planning provides a future vision for the business. Leadership envisions a desired future and translates that vision into broadly defined goals and objectives...

For 6-10+ years*

*Company ages are approximations. Every client gets a customized planning method that considers multiple factors as seen in the Planning Assessment.


GOAL ACHIEVE! has the experience and expertise to help you avoid the impatience, loss of control, and disappointment of using the wrong planning method. We have:

  • Successfully helped over 150 small businesses achieve their goals

  • 40 years’ experience in business goal setting, planning, and consulting

  • Helped clients achieve up to 100% of their goals

  • Helped clients improve revenue by up to 50%

  • Developed 4-Method PlanningTM and Opportunity PlanningTM

"Jeff’s planning and execution method helped Paradigm Technology to develop a culture of accountability..."

"Jeff helped us to see our planning strategically but allowed for constructive conflict among departments..."

"Early outcomes from the strategic planning process are very encouraging. Revenues are growing, key initiatives are..."

With the right planning method, you’ll get these benefits (and more):

  • Improved company performance - in all areas

  • A solid measurement system - to keep you on track

  • A culture of accountability - where everyone pulls their weight

  • Control of your future - and peace of mind

  • Utilize time more effectively - to work ON the business

  • Capture new market and innovation opportunities

How It Works

Just follow these 3 easy steps:

1. Complete the 4-minute online Planning Assessment

2. Receive and review your emailed assessment report

3. Decide on the right planning method for your business

Option: In a 15-minute, no-cost consultation we can help you determine the best planning method for you.

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